Wednesday, August 12, 2009

life = ?

So.........I'm pretty much bored w/ life and the pursuit of happiness. Not to sound depressing or Emo or whatever, but I've realized that life is just a sick joke! A (seemingly) endless series of boring and un-fulfilling relationships, conversations, and shitty jobs. I'm not sure what I was expecting when I decided to be born and go on living but it's gotta get better than this. Sometimes I ask myself, "so this is it huh?, this is what it's all about". Usually that question answers itself when I look at someone elses useless and mundane existence. I guess it's not so bad though. I'm breathing (through charred lungs that get blacker by the minute), I have friends (who are too caught up in their own home-made drama to give a fuck), I'm not gay, (but sometimes seriously consider wandering over to the dark-side every time another psychotic insanely jealous and/or skeezy ho-baggy female fucks up my head, tears my heart to pieces, and leaves me wanting to give up and just start shooting heroin or something)! But I continue to move on. I push forward w/ a head full of childish hopes and dreams. Quotes and melodies that keep me going day by day. I just hope that life after death is less like life and more like death!
The End ............for now. 

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Cassie said...

Wow. Incredibly depressing. I'm really really hoping that the whole "boring relationships" and "Skeezy ho-bags" and such doesn't apply to me. Because if so I'm really sorry if I'm boring. I try not to be :(
And well, I know that you know I'm not a ho-bag of any sort.

I just hope this isn't how you feel about things. It kinda hurts to know you're this depressed. It hurts bad that my presence does nothing to make you feel happier than this. Just know that I love you no matter what. Forever and always.